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Cannabis Vaping


Everything you need to know about cannabis vaping! Cigarette traditional smoking has been around for decades. The recent legalization of cannabis in Canada and other drugs in different regions across the globe has taken the market by storm. This has ignited the need for new and innovative smoking devices. E-cigarettes are the result of this demand and […]

Benefits of Vaping vs Smoking Bud: Effects, Therapeutic Value, and Risks

People have been smoking cannabis for quite some time. In fact, cannabis is recorded for its therapeutic value in ancient texts across many cultures, including as an ancient Indian, Chinese, and Nordic medicine. Over time, though, many of the things about cannabis have changed. For instance, strains are now being cultivated for their therapeutic value. Now, consumers and medicinal […]

Best Disposable Vapes Of The Year

Best Disposable Vapes Of The Year

Are you an avid vape smoker looking for the best option of disposables available this year? Look no further! We’ve researched and tested a variety of popular products to pick the top picks for 2023. From battery life, hit intensity, strain quality, and design- these disposables make it easy to enjoy your favorite strain without […]

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